I am a creative Craftsman, and I am proud to be part of the ART BLACKSMITH family. We are the ones who work the iron by HOT FORGING.

My work has a unique style that experts call “Gaudiano”, for its elegance and beautiful, flowing lines. Every piece I create is the result of my deep CARE FOR DETAILS and ATTENTION ON AESTHETICS. My work is often described as “paintings painted with iron”.

It is important to collaborate with professionals outside my industry because I believe in the power of TEAMWORK and the “broader” vision of the context.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with painters, which helped me understand volumes better. I also participated in live performances with musicians, who taught me about the rhythmicity of their music and the passion for the symphony.
I now use this knowledge in my hammer strokes.

1999-2000Participation in Abitare il tempo (Living the time) Prototypes of Design by Franco Poli - Verona.
1999-2001Participation in the project "Forme" Sculture Artistiche nei negozi (“Shapes” Artistic sculptures in shops) - Verona, with Designer Franco Poli and creative director Pier Paolo Simoncelli.
1999-2002Export of ancient crafts in Italy with the association Compagnia del Sipario Medioevale (Medieval curtain company)
2010Exhibition at the Fuorisalone del Mobile - Milan. Hotel Nhow.
2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015Exhibition and participation in the Biennial Show of Blacksmithing Art and the World Forging Championship - Stia (Arezzo), with the achievement of following titles: - Third place in 2003. - Special mention in 2007 and 2009. - Second place in group forging in 2003.
2016-2017Ancient crafts, workshops in the square - Bussolengo (Verona). - Reenactment of ancient crafts. - Teaching of ancient processing techniques. Sponsored by the Municipality of Bussolengo (VR).

Project REGNI IN FERRO (IRON KINGDOMS). Art School in Verona -Verona Live performance International Design Russian Live Performance Nizhny Novgorod - Russia Live performance. Sponsored by the Art School in Verona and the Municipality of Bussolengo (VR) Progetto EmozionARTI, creative workshops at the K-14 School - Pescantina (Verona) in collaboration with the painter Maurizio Zanolli. Sponsored by the Municipality of Bussolengo (VR).


PUBLIC WORK created on behalf of the municipality of Bussolengo (VR) for the twinning with the village of Roquemaure - France. Participation in the redevelopment project of an ancient artisan workshop used as a B&B - Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona) Regia Roseta in collaboration with the painter Antonio Amodio.

2019-2020Export of Italian manufacturing in collaboration with Progetto Arte Poli - Verona.
2019 - 2022Collaboration in operations management of Villa Bocca Trezza Sommacampagna (VR). In collaboration with the architects Maurizio Zerbato (Studio Ateco) the architect Federico Spiniella (Studio Spiniella) and the restorer Massimo Tisato (Studio Tisato).
2021Recognition of the title of CRAFTSMAN EXPERT by the Veneto Region.
2022Direction of foreign construction works in the Arab Emirates on behalf of Progetto Arte Poli.
2022Creation of PUBLIC WORK "Giuseppe Quintarelli" on behalf of the Valpolicella Wines Protection Consortium.
2023-2024Development of the Recovery Project of the Lifting Station 1914 and creation of the School OFFICINE ARTISTICHE (ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS) Scapini in collaboration with the Veneto Region.
2023-2024Participation in the Creative Craftsmen Project of the CNA Veneto.

Enthusiastic about the art of wrought iron

My love for the art of wrought iron drives me to innovate and experiment with my range of products. I am always looking for new forms and solutions to meet my customers’ needs. It is so important to me to collaborate with customers, as it allows me to create customized products that meet their specific requirements.


Handing down the ancient Art of the Blacksmith

After 35 years of experience working with wrought iron, I decided to share my skills by founding the school “OFFICINE ARTISTICHE (ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS) Scapini”. My goal is to provide students with the skills they need to understand “the bigger picture” and where the object fits in. I genuinely believe that learning the techniques of Blacksmith Art is essential to passing on this work. However, I feel that the techniques could benefit from a more structured training integration. I think that to become a professional in iron working, the new generations must be directed towards enhancing their own attitudes.
My vision of training to BE A BLACKSMITH involves learning the history of this Art and learning to WORK IN TEAMS with skills extended to more sectors.

Are you interested in the school “Officine Artistiche (Artistic Workshops) Scapini”?

Training Courses and Awards

Training Courses
Professional awards

Creation of CUSTOM-MADE METAL objects, hand forged wrought iron, steel, and brass.


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